19 May 2015


Here we are - this is officially the 300th post at Ace the Adventure. This is a big deal in terms of blog-life (especially because I missed the more "rounded" 250th post) - it's a bit like watching the odometer in your car tick past 100,000 miles, but while reading and writing and without threat of crashing while taking a picture on the highway.

This little blog started back in July 2012 with the intention of keeping friends and family informed of our whereabouts while we made the BIG transition from the US to the Netherlands. I won't lie - most of those posts in the beginning were pretty boring as they were written during bouts of stress, jet lag (for a time), and a stubbornness in avoiding admitting just how stressful and confusing everything was in the beginning. I'd like to think things have become more interesting and readable over the course of these 300 posts (and if not, don't tell me. I like this little fantasy I've created for myself). During the time it's taken to get to 300, we've learned a lot about and adapted to our new home in the Netherlands, learned a great deal of the Dutch language, traveled - and the adventure is hardly over yet.

So, keep reading along with me as we move forward. There's no telling what lies ahead!


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