23 March 2015

Pannenkoeken: Dinner as Big as Your Face

Pancakes are pretty awesome. Americans have a very specific idea of pancakes, too. Fluffy. Sweet. Butter and syrup. Breakfast. Breakfast for dinner is okay, but it's still fitting into all these other categories. That's how we like them. 

So Dutch pannenkoeken can be a bit jarring for the American taste bud. Dutch pannenkoeken may be sweet. Or savory. They are not fluffy. They are not breakfast. And they're big enough to wrap around your face. But as long as you don't eat one expecting a Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast, you can still appreciate a Dutch pannenkoek

Mark was away at a conference last week, so I decided to treat Little Man and myself with a trip to the pannenkoekenrestaurant for lunch on the half day of school. He's a fan of pannenkoek with powdered sugar (or more accurately, powdered sugar with a side of pannenkoek) and I'm a fan of not cooking and cleaning my own dishes. 

The pannenkoekenrestaurant opens in time for lunch and closes mid-evening - again, this isn't for breakfast - and offers an overwhelming number of ingredient combinations for your dinner plate-sized pancake. There are so many options on a typical pannenkoekenrestaurant menu that you give the server the identification number of the pannenkoek you want to each - which can reach to over 900 identification numbers. Luckily, we both knew what we wanted going in, so ordering was fast.

And, per usual, we were happy with our choices. The pannenkoeken are fairly difficult to screw up - you can only do so by burning one and the combination options are all tried and true, so unless you order something you don't actually like, the flavors all make sense. They're so easy to make you can easily do so yourself at home with this simple recipe. But like I said, I like not having to make the mess and clean up after myself. 

Have you had pannenkoeken? What did you think?


  1. Not my sort of thing but I know Fredrik would go crazy for that powdered sugar one!

    1. It depends on my mood if I want sweet or savory. But then I discovered the bacon and pineapple varieties and found a good middle ground. =)

  2. I love pannenkoeken but haven't had them in a while. It's one of those things like sushi that I'd just rather have someone else make for me.

    1. I totally agree. Some things are just better when I don't have to make it myself, and this (and sushi) is one of them =)


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