12 November 2014

Life with a 5 Year Old

In the Season of Crazy, we have made it through the first event. Little Man is officially 5 years old (a whole hand old!) and we have fully celebrated with friends that feel like family and friends from school - though "Happy Birthday to You" is still being hummed around the house and will be for the foreseeable future.

It feels a bit strange to think that Little Man is already 5 years old. Five years is simultaneously not all that much time and a very long time. So what do you do when your kid turns 5 years old?

  • Marvel that you've all made it this far.
  • Contemplate the difference between that 7 pound little baby you rarely put down, this big kid that can now touch your shoulders, and all the changes that happened in between. 
  • Realize that you now know more information about dinosaurs and dragons that you would have ever guessed... or voluntarily learned.
  • Laugh at the most unexpectedly profound and/or hilarious things that come out of a 5 year old's mouth - especially when the phrase "when I was a kid" is used.
  • Find yourself totally amazed at the new physical abilities and intellectual developments happening in front of your very eyes every day.
  • Wonder how it is that this kid makes you feel so. old. and. tired. while also making you feel so young and playful.
  • Cherish all the moments of babyhood, toddlerhood, and little-kid-hood that seemed to pass so quickly.
  • Look forward to another year of amazing milestones and development.

Happy birthday, Little Man!

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