26 November 2014

Good Gravy! Thanksgiving 2014

Today, many of our friends and loved ones are traveling or at home preparing for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so it seems fitting to do our annual bit about Thanksgiving in the Netherlands.

I love American styled holidays. Because FOOD. And we Americans certainly know how to celebrate with food from the end of November through the end of the year. Thanksgiving in particular is THE holiday for food, and it's one that's hard to replace in Europe. But we've managed to do a rather decent job of it the last few years, and this year is looking to be one of the best abroad yet.

In years past we've used turkey breasts and a whole goose as the meal's centerpiece (both delicious, by the way) - but this year our friend scored an actual whole turkey! I've just about perfected baking with pumpkin chucks, so pumpkin pie is on the menu. Another guest found orange sweet potatoes rather than white - which is sometimes harder to do than you would think. And this year I'll be re-attempting cranberry sauce from whole, fresh cranberries - the process for which I have no expectations because it really could go either way... The meal is looking like it's going to turn out great, which is increasing my excitement for our celebration this Saturday.

While the food has had me salivating at the thought for the last two weeks, really, the best part will be the company and sharing with friends. I don't think I can overstate how fortunate we've been to find good friends that we can share these special holidays with. And when you get down to it, the food helps bring a sense of home, but it's the people you share it with that make the holiday what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    It was my second one in America, and was ok - we went out like we did last year, but now we are in our own home, I think we really wanted to do it there instead. So, whilst we enjoyed the meal (somewhat) we realised we wanted to make it a tradition we have at home. Here is to next year and all the turkey sweats ... haha!


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