12 July 2014

Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school before the summer vacation for the southern portion of the country, and it was Little Man's last day at his current school. We've been happy with our experience at the school, but unfortunately, it's too far away from our new home to make the trip twice each day.

Typically, kids stay in the same class through the year in which they turn 6 - often that means close to three school years with the same teachers and roughly the same group of kids - so when a child leaves midway, preparation is done not just for the child that is leaving, but also for the classmates. Because we had enough notice for the transition, his teachers did some wonderful things that helped give a sense of closure (at least for me).

Little Man and a little girl are both moving over the summer, so the teachers held a special good-bye celebration with the class. Both Little Man and the little girl had "crowns" similar to the birthday crown worn by young kids on their birthday and received adorable books with "Vergeet ons niet," (Don't forget us) written on the cover and filled with signed self-portraits made by every child in the class. We received a nice spiral-bound book of his important work from his time in the class with lovely notes from the teachers telling him to have a fun time at his new school and to enjoy his new home. I think these are all wonderful gestures and help add to the memories Little Man will take with him.

I'll admit that I feel a little guilty about moving schools, but I also know how impractical it would be to try and stay at the same school. And Little Man has already come into himself so much over the past school year, that I know he can and will continue to thrive at the next school. Young kids are always more resilient that we first give them credit for, and I know Little Man is one of them. So, the adventure continues for us and for him while we work through the six weeks of summer vacation and the move. He's already looking forward to the changes ahead, and that kind of optimism rubs off.

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