19 July 2014

Giving Our Condolences - MH17

There are few words that can ever really feel appropriate when faced with a tragedy. As we receive more details about the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 and the victims on board, it's been difficult to know what to say. The Netherlands is mourning, as are the other countries whose citizens were on board. The scientific community is mourning the loss of major scholars and researchers who dedicated their lives to the eradication of AIDS.

All I can offer is our condolences and prayers to the families, friends, and colleagues effected by this senseless tragedy.


  1. We must mourn, but we also must get to the truth of the matter. A little harder to ignore a direct act of war than the regional insurgencies we've been seeing. (Although the invasion of Crimea was a direct act of war, and that didn't stop the world from ignoring Ukraine's plight.)

  2. Such nice words. What a waste of beautiful lives. Hugs to all.


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