21 March 2014

"Why Do You Write?"

SJ at Chasing the Donkey recently tagged me in a blog hop to talk about the reasons why I write, to answer some specific questions about my writing, and to tag two other bloggers to do the same. It's taken me a few days to get my thoughts in order so I don't go rambling on, and today I thought would be a good day to share my answers with you.

Courtesy of Idea go

I started Life in Dutch back in July 2012 in the midst of our moving process. We were still in Chicago and I wanted to keep friends and family informed about what we were up to. Starting before we moved meant I could easily give everyone the blog information before we left. When we arrived in the Netherlands this remained an easy platform from which we keep the folks at home updated (especially when I go through my bouts of being terrible at keeping up with email).

As time went on, this blog was my tool to feeling like I had "something" to do. I left my full time job that I really loved in Chicago and started life as a stay at home mom in a foreign country, and while the experiences I've had here and extra time spent with Little Man have been more wonderful than I can express, at times it has been rather lonely and I worried about losing my writing skills or having my brain atrophy. This blog has allowed me to stay connected with friends and family at home, start new connections with other expats and bloggers, and keep a creative outlet that still requires me to use all my writing and editing skills. And it's been fun to keep this blog. With the exception of occasional technical issues that suck away a few hours of my life, things have been smooth sailing here and have been worth the time I've put in (as I knock vigorously on the wood table).

What am I working on?

Mainly I work here at Life in Dutch. I've done several regular link-ups and some guest posts for other blogs, but most of my efforts have been here on my own content. I would love to expand my writing opportunities, and I'm looking into that, but for now I keep this little corner of the internet.

I have recently (and by that I mean last week) started a blog for arcBcrafts, my webshop endeavor on Etsy. Things are very new over there, but I plan to have it as an outlet and news source for the things I'm making for the Etsy store and other crafting projects.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Most of Life in Dutch is my observations and our experiences as expats. I like to throw in some of our travels, things about Little Man and parenting, but I think that mostly this blog is a chronicle of the general (mis)adventures of our daily life. Most days our lives are just as boring as everyone else, but we experience the occasional curve ball that makes mundane tasks like operating the washing machine or going to the doctor much more "exciting" because we're operating in a different language.

Why do I write what I do?

If I'm honest, this blog is really subject to my whims. It might be something current in our lives that I want to share because it's a milestone or a common event that's different than it would have been in the States. It might be an opportunity to laugh at myself or talk about trying to really learn a new language as an adult or share some of our travel experiences. But mostly I write to show that even though we're doing things as expats, most of our lives are the same as they would be in the States, just with a twist, and I'd like to think I do it in an engaging enough a way that keeps people coming back to read about little ol' us.

How does your writing process work?

It depends. Some posts involve days or even weeks of research and work to gather information and pictures before I start really writing. Some posts are written in a few minutes. When I'm really on top of things I have a schedule, but mostly I have ideas floating around in my head with an outline and I go for it. I prefer to write when Little Man is at school so there are fewer distractions, but sometimes I feel the need to write as an idea hits me. I'd like to say that there's a method to the madness, but... yeah, not really.

Now, I'm going to tag Shannon at Beginnings in Bayern and Molly at The Move to America to talk about their writing and answer the same questions as above. And please check them out - they keep lovely blogs.

Are you a writer or a blogger? Why do you write?


  1. What a great idea about the blog for the etsy store! And you already know (I think) that I'm a writer. :-)

  2. I don't think I have a method to my madness at all either. And I am far too impatient to research or edit and reedit (which is a fault, I know). I write mostly to brain purge, to keep this all written somewhere for the boys to read someday, and to engage with others. So far so good!

  3. Thanks! If nothing else, I think it's a nice spot to connect more of the process with the product. =)
    And i think you're a fabulous writer! =D

  4. Sometimes a good brain purge is the best thing to do.
    ANd from your travel posts, you'd never know you weren't doing research - they're full of great info!


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