19 March 2014

De Overblijfmoeder: The Sequel

I've mentioned before my one-time stint as an overblijfmoeder - in particular my fears before the gig, and confirmation that I had survived afterwards. Well, I'm now a veteran overblijfmoeder that has managed to survive two experiences surrounded by lots of Dutch-speaking children.

Today the teacher asked me to sub in as the overblijfmoeder again, which I did with less anxiety than the first time. But there were a few moments today during the kids' lunch when this quote from Finding Nemo was all I could think of:

Finding nemo marlin - Look You're really cute But I can't understand what you're saying

Just a little mid-week humor for you. Happy Wednesday, all.


  1. LMAO! I can understand being completely overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by this. When I went to primary school (in the 80s hey ho) most mums were stay at home mums in NL, so 'overblijven' was the exception. Nowadays it's different, but I fail to understand why 'overblijven' isn't 100% the schools problem?? What if áll the mums start working fulltime? Stupid Dutch school systems depend on parents way too much!

  2. Ha! At least the school pays you for your time. It's only 3 euro for the half hour, but it's something!

  3. I just found you via a link up at Expat life with a double buggy. I lived in the US for about 16 years (originally from Ukraine), and now live in the Netherlands, too.

    Your picture me laugh- Even though I now speak fluent Dutch, I still feel like this pretty much every time we are with our friends and their children. We live in Friesland and whilst the adults do speak to me in Dutch rather than Friesian, the children forget, and it just sounds like Chinese to me. I guess I learned the wrong language.

    Look forward to coming back and seeing what else you are writing about :)

  4. Sorry this took so long to respond to - I just found this in the spam folder and fixed it.
    I'm so glad you found me, and I really enjoy Expat Life with a Double Buggy =)
    Dutch is a tough language, so I'm really impressed by your fluency, though I have to laugh that you have the same type of experiences with kids. =)
    Thanks for coming by!


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