25 March 2014

6 Tips to Feeling Better by an Expat Kid (with Mama's Commentary)

Little Man is down with a cold today. He was was little sick on Sunday but  seemed well enough to make it through the whole day at school yesterday - and he did. Unfortunately, that's where our luck stopped. He had a rough evening and didn't seem much better this morning.

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We kept him home from school today, and in an effort to maintain a certain level of sanity and avoid watching tv all day, I started asking him what types of things we can do to feel better when we're sick. With a few follow up questions, we up with a list of all Little Man's good health advice. You'll find my corresponding commentary directly beneath each point.

1. Cuddle with dinosaurs. But you have to cuddle fast.
I'm not sure if "cuddle fast" is because it makes you feel better faster or if because there is just a general sense of danger that comes when you attempt to cuddle a dinosaur.

2. Eat a cough drop. It feels warm in your mouth.
Obviously, this isn't for very little kids. We happened to have a container with smaller than normal sized Ricola drops that work well for Little Man.

3. Take a shower. They make you a bit gooder.
A little steam always helps with the congestion, sometimes enough to let the kiddo play while feeling a little more like himself. And it's a nice distraction from the couch.

4. Watch tv. You watch carefully and it goes slowly.
When he's sick, he does get to watch more tv than normal. The energy level is down (maybe that's why it goes slowly?) and if he's not tired enough to take a nap it provides a chance to veg out. One of us just tries to make sure this doesn't become the whole day - I'll let you guess who that is.

5. Eat an ice cream. It makes your throat and pipes feel good.
Ice cream and popsicles are my personal go-to when I have a sore throat, so I can't deny it too much to the Little Man. And if a sick tummy is involved, a popsicle isn't too hard on the stomach.

6. Wear comfy clothes.
There's no sense in making a kid really get dressed, so I just have Little Man change out of pjs into another pair or into sweatpants. It's easier for everyone that way.

Mama's additional tips:

- If possible, have some sort of "expat medicine" stash in the house. There's an argument to be made for Americans having the tendency to over-medicate everything, but sometimes you need some form or relief and it can be frustrating that you can't find anything locally to help your kid feel better.

- Distraction is your friend. Now is the time to let kids either do something unusual (like a new art project) or pull out forgotten toys and books.

- Forget the routine. It's not worth the aggravation for either of you. Your kid's body isn't on schedule when it's sick, so don't force it. Things will fall back into place when everyone's healthy again. This goes for eating, too. Of course it's important to help them keep their energy up, but sometimes little bites will do your kid better than a full meal.

Do you have any tips for getting a kid through a cold? I'll take anything I can get!

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  1. Aww, his tips are so sweet - what a bright little button he is! I will be using these tips next time I am unwell, or Hubby is - they will help greatly!


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