26 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Even Dolls Like Bikes


  1. This photo is the best ! Although I am kind of jealous of the kid who owns this bike with the attached baby doll seat because when I was little I had to have my cabbage patch doll ride in the front basket (with a hockey helmet on for safety of course).

  2. hahaha, that's too cute! I think a lot of American kids would love to pull their dolls/lovies around in something like this - I'm sure I would have! =)

  3. What a cute picture - I have total bike envy here too, would have loved something like this as a child!

  4. Danica Bridges-Martin03 March, 2014 19:42

    My daughter is 4yrs old and one of the few kids in her Dutch class that still uses training wheels, hopefully we can lose them this summer!
    Don't think I missed one WW last year, this year I am yet to post one! Nice pic (and Loekie is a great brand btw)!
    :) Danica

  5. Thanks! My Little Man doesn't yet have a bike (with or without training wheels), but it's something we'll look into this summer. In his class is seems like only the oldest kleuters have bikes without the training wheels, so I think a lot of parents are also waiting for the summer weather. =)


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