02 December 2013

Monday Coffee and the Start to the Holidays

After a brief break from my Monday posts, I'm happy to be linking back up with Molly at The Move to America for the Monday Coffee Morning Social!

The Move to America

Last week was a bit of a blur as the holidays are getting into motion around here. Sinterklaas will be dropping cadeautjes (little gifts) at our home the evening of 5 December, but we had the chance to see him at the university last Wednesday. Sint always arrives about 3 weeks in advance of "his" day, and so he is still making his rounds around the country, checking in with everyone, and spreading snoepjes (candies), pepernoten (spice cookies), and occasionally, a few advanced cadeautjes. This tour of the country really fuels the kids' excitement - so there is no question of when he is coming.

Sinterklaas visiting at the university

We also got to celebrate Thanksgiving, expat style, over the weekend. A delicious spread of goose, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, red cabbage, peas, corn, and pumpkin pie hit the spot. Good friends and good food always make for a wonderful time! And there are left-overs to be had, which is also exciting.

Little Man was the first at the table... he was very excited for the spread.

This week, Little Man is anticipating the arrival of Sinterklaas and speculating about the possible cadeautjes that will arrive. The house already looks pretty festive since I put up the Christmas decorations last week (I couldn't wait anymore), and we'll enjoy the evening with some delicious food and good company. I'm sure we're missing a lot as far as how to have a "traditional" Sinterklaasavond - right now it's a blend of what we do know about Sinterklaas and how we would do Santa Claus in the States, but that works for us, and if there's anything amiss, I'm sure Little Man will help us to correct it.

Also arriving this week is the start of the Food in Dutch series - with the first post appearing tomorrow. Recipes and photos will be included!

Like many others, we've started the preparation for Christmas. I wanted to have something to reflect my Christmas excitement on the blog, so I decided to do my first daily photo challenge for the month of December, which will be posted here and on Instagram.  You can find the photo topic list and my first "Picturing Christmas" photo here.

We're already off to start our week - Here's to your week and your plans!


  1. Goose sounds like a wonderful turkey substitute!

  2. Not having children, except of the furry kind, we don't really bother with Sinterklaas, but we take full advantage of all the chocolate letters and pepernoten. Mmm, lovely, addictive, pepernoten!

  3. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks amazing! It all looks delicious - and I've never had goose, but that does sound like a good seasonal bird to eat!

    Thanks for joining my link-up too!

  4. It was delicious! It's more similar to the dark meat on a turkey - very good!

  5. Oh, pepernoten! That's definitely one of my favorite parts about it!

  6. Thanks for hosting the linkup, Molly! And the goose was delicious. My friend did a great job cooking it.

  7. It's up now! I had some technical difficulties that made it go up so late. But it's tasty!


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