09 December 2013

Monday Coffee and Getting Ready for the Holidays

It's Monday again and I'm joining up with Molly at The Move to America to reflect on last week and prepare for this week!

The Move to America

Last week was a bit of a blur. We've all been dealing with a cough that just won't die that's also morphed into a sore throat that won't quite die, either. It's sapped quite a bit of my energy (to the point that I took a nap the same time as Little Man most days last week) and I'm been rather lethargic and wholly unmotivated. So not much has been done around here which, as you may guess, is a fantastic thing to happen as you're trying to prepare for Christmas.

Thankfully, Sinterklaas wasn't feeling too lethargic last week, and he also made a stop at our home and left some cool goodies for the Little Man. The carrot and apple left out for Amerigo, the paard van Sinterklaas (Sinterklaas's horse), were eaten and replacedby lots of pepernoten and gummy bears, a chocolate letter, and new toys. A new box of Lego Duplos (a set of "extra" blocks) were left under the Little Man's shoe and the new packs of Playdough were put into his Christmas stocking (since Sinterklaas knows we're American). Little Man's school was closed on Friday so the kids could play with their new toys, and while he did join me for my Dutch lesson, he still had a great time trying out new building combinations and making lots and lots of Playdough snakes. And eating all of his sugary treats. Really the lead up to, and arrival of, Sinterklaas were the big news in this house - and every other home in Holland with children.

Finding the goodies.

Enjoying a large chunk of chocolate letter.

This week, I'm working on getting my motivation back. I've been slacking a bit on my daily photo challenge for December - I'm actually getting the pictures done on time, but not having such success putting them into Instagram and posting them here - but that will (hopefully) change this week.

I'm also finishing going through old clothes and other things around the house that we're clearly not using or needing any more. If anyone can recommend a good place to donate clothes in Tilburg, I'd appreciate it because there are some things that are still in good shape and it would be a pity to put them into the textile recycling bins.

And finally, since this Friday is Saint Lucia's Day, I'm planning on making Saint Lucia buns. They are delicious and well worth the effort needed to create them, especially since they're only done once a year. They go great with coffee or tea, so I'm hoping they come out well. This will only be the second or third time I've made them without my mom, and I'm always suspicious that my devil appliance convection oven will thwart me along the way. Here's hoping!

I'm off to see what I can accomplish for the day - so here's to your week!


  1. Obviously I do not know about your city but last year when I cleaned out our old clothes I gave them to some of our friends here and they were so happy to have some new clothes to add in the mix even though they were used.

  2. Tweet @W8eens she might be able to advise on the donation! And here- it's just one thing after another. I am so sick of living without a dishwasher and now the oven is possessed. I have no time for this.

  3. Oh, that's a good idea, thanks! I can just about always find new homes for Little Man's old stuff, but my stuff was always straight to Good Will. That's a good tip, though!

  4. Thanks for the tip, I'll send her a tweet! I hope your appliances start behaving themselves, Maybe it's time for take out?


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