05 November 2013

Winter is Here

During some point during the night, winter came to the south of the Netherlands. It was cold and rainy when I brought the Little Man to school this morning, and I spent the whole day indoors doing things around the house. Once I went to fetch him at the end of the day, it was just as cold and still rainy, and I felt good about my decision to stay inside.

The other day we realized that it was time to start putting the winter coat on the Little Man when we go for a bike ride (for the record, I also put the disclaimer that the child also had a hat, it just wasn't pictured). Now I realize that we need to start including mittens for Little Man, and probably a hat and gloves for me, too.

I'll offer my last proof that winter has come. The temperature in the house dropped below 12 C/64 F today, so I broke down and turned on the heat downstairs. The cats thanked me for the kind gesture and spent a good while cuddled up on the heater.

While I'm definitely not a fan of the cold, winter's arrival does mean some good things are about the come. Sinterklaas will be arriving in a month's time, and Christmas will be here soon after that. AND since Thanksgiving doesn't happen in the Netherlands, no one will call me crazy for starting the Christmas music now... well, except maybe Mark.

So folks, embrace that winter is upon us - just remember to bundle up. It's cold out there.


  1. I'm ridiculously sensitive to heat so I enjoy the colder temperatures. Today was the first time I went out and didn't end up breaking a sweat. Of course, I still got wet, but that was due to the rain, which I'm not as fond of.

  2. I would have figured your time in the south of the US would have made you dislike the cold, but that works out pretty well for you then. =) I'm only really happy in a range of about 5 degrees (F) - but I'm never a big fan of the rain.

  3. I officially busted out the winter coat yesterday for myself. It was a little much, but I'd much rather be warm than cold. The rain is right on cue- it's a mirror image of what we saw once arriving last Oct 30th, am I right?

  4. Oh, for sure! I'm wishing I had some nice insulated rain boots to go along for the winter... yikes! Does all this rain make you nostalgic for your arrival? ;)

  5. I love fall and winter! I'm so excited for this time of year, but yes, it is cold! brrrrrr! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  6. Nooo, you can't do Xmas music yet. I am with Mark on that one.
    And brrrrrrr that's chilly in doors. Enjoy the snuggly time with the cat xx

  7. Ahahahaha! Can't stop me! At least the cats don't mind =)


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