11 November 2013

Monday Coffee, Cleaning Frenzy, and the Countdown

Another Monday is upon us, and I'm joining up with Molly at The Move to America to reflect on last week and prepare for the week to come!

The Move to America

Most of last week was one big party in our house. Officially, the Little Man has moved out of "toddlerhood" and into being a "little (big) boy." We celebrated his fourth birthday last week as a family and with some great friends, we had fun doing birthday Skype calls with family, and he is fully enrolled as a kleuter (child of 4 to 6 years old) in school. And to round it all off, he even got to use his first train ticket as a 4 year old. It was a week of fun and milestones!

Blowing out the 4 birthday candles

From now on, Little Man is at school all day during the week. And that means that the projects I've been putting off or just unable to start/finish are on my to-do list. Mostly, this means that a tornado of cleaning will commence shortly. There's still papers and documents to organize, rooms that need neatening up, and things that have never found their place in the house - and now is the time that this is going to change. I'm feeling rather motivated at this point, so we'll have to see how long this enthusiasm lasts.

What's very exciting for me this week is the countdown. My friend Farrah at The Three Under and I have a mamas' long weekend getaway in Malta starting on Saturday! I am stoked. This will be the first time for both of us in Malta and the exploration and relaxation is going to be fantastic, and the warmer weather won't hurt anything, either. Just 5 more days!

What are you planning for this week?


  1. So wonderful to read about the celebrations you had - sounds fantastic!

    I understand the 'tornado'of cleaning that you will be doing - it is the same for me now that I have some time I wil be doing that too!

    Malta sounds awesome - I hope you will blog about your time there as I have never been and always wanted too!

    Thanks so much for supporting my link-up - you're awesome! :-)

  2. YESSS!! I don't even mind that I saw a photo of some minor flooding yesterday.... what's a little flooding when two moms are getting away from their kids?!

  3. Awww, thanks Molly. I love your link up, you do such a nice job!
    I can't wait to show off some pics from Malta. 3 days!

  4. Thanks, Amanda! I am really looking forward to it!

  5. LOL. Flooding? No biggie.
    There might still be rain, but shoot, we're used to that by now ;)

  6. Enjoy the holiday ladies, you two deserve it!


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