16 November 2013

Malta, Here We Come!

The beginning of November has proven a bit busier than I expected. As such, there will be a brief break here for the next few days as my friend Farrah and I make our way to Malta for a long weekend starting today. There's a chance I'll put up a few "Malteasers" (see what I did there?) while we're there, but otherwise I hope to have something back up on Wednesday.

If you're interested in following our exploits on Twitter, we'll be using the hastag #luxmomsgetaway since we'll be staying in the very nice Hotel Pheonicia (this is where Queen Elizabeth held a reception the last time she was on Malta).

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. OMG how insane does that place look!! Enjoy.

  2. Cool! Never been but it looks like a beautiful island. Have fun!!


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