01 November 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair

It's IKEA Vrijdag again! If you're suffering from a post-Halloween candy coma and don't want to move very far, then I have a perfect IKEA product for you to consider today: The Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair.

Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair

When we were buying the furniture for the house, we wanted to have a "grownup" chair in Little Man's bedroom for story time or late-night "visits" because the Kritter Kinderstoelen/Children's Chairs were just not going to cut it for our adult-sized rear ends for those purposes. As much as I liked the idea of an easy chair, we also knew that we wouldn't need to have a chair in his room much longer as he gets older, so we opted for the simpler Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair instead.

In the maze that is the IKEA showroom, this item is located in the kitchen tables and chairs section. The Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair is made of solid beech wood and colored with stain and acrylic lacquer. We chose red to go along with the rest of the primary color furniture and decor in Little Man's room, but the chair is also available in white, black, or beech colors (beech is available in the UK and Europe, but not in North America). To clean, you can use a mild soap and water and wipe dry afterwards. We've needed to clean the chair once, and that was enough. The chair is comfortable enough for shorter sitting periods, but it is just a folding chair. If you require a lot of back support, you may want to consider another chair if only because the back of the chair is high and skinny.

The best part about the chair is that there is no assembly required. All the bits are put together, so all you do is take it home and open it up.

The chair is of decent quality, but it will likely make creaking sounds every time you sit on it until the wood "wears" enough. If you're considering this for your kitchen, I do have two warnings for you:

1. The back of the chair is rather high up, if you have young toddlers or sitting babies, don't sit them on the chair alone as they're likely to fall right off the back of the chair. See my demonstration with the Cabbage Patch Kid doll, below.

It would be easy for a toddler to slip right off.
No dolls were harmed during this demonstration.

If you are vertically challenged like me and tend to stand on kitchen chairs daily to get around the kitchen, be very careful standing on this chair. The slats are thin and will visibly bend when standing on the chair. It hasn't broken yet (I see the bend a lot because I can't seem to follow my own advice), but you should consider this before climbing all over the house with this chair as your step ladder. Perhaps a chair cushion would alleviate this, but I have no plans to stick on one.

We give the Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair 4 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale. I have deducted 1 meatball for the constant fear of breaking the slats on the seat while I'm using the chair to reach something, but overall I am satisfied with the product.

Life in Dutch Rating for Terje Klapstoel/Folding Chair:


  1. So thankful to see no dolls were harmed!

    We have an uncolored version of this Ikea chair that we assume is probably pretty old because it falls apart left and right. There were three of them in the closet when we moved in, and the most stable of them all (at least for now) is currently being put to work at our computer desk. Hearing my husband jump as a slat falls out of place and he nearly hits the ground always makes for an exciting evening...

  2. Wow - that's good to know. They must have been put through the ringer. Ours still squeaks, but I only worry about it falling apart when I'm doing something stupid with it. I bet the cats really enjoy the slats falling out, too.

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  4. Hi I want to buy these chairs for my kitchen. I have fantacies of all furniture hanging on the wall. What size pegs would i need to be able to hang them on the wall?

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