07 November 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Man

Today, Little Man turns four years old.

At times it's hard to believe that this little bundle:

Just a few hours old (November 7, 2009)

Developed into this rolly-poly baby, just as curious as the cat:

Checking the beads with Sebastian (May 2010)

Then grew into this energetic toddler (and kept growing as an energetic toddler):

Post-1st birthday cupcake (November 7, 2010)

First pumpkin-picking (October 2011)

First demonstration of his parkour abilities (September 2012)

And then became this smart, funny, smart alecky, even more energetic little boy:

4th birthday morning (November 7, 2013)

Every day is a new adventure, and full of wonder for all of us. And there's so much more in store.

Happy birthday, Little Man!


  1. Aww happy birthday little man! I love the photo timeline! So adorable and my favorite is the birthday cupcake. :-)

  2. Thanks, Deanna! I love that cupcake pic, too. He smashed the cupcake, picked all the sprinkles out of the frosting and ate them, and then went right into the tub when he was done. =)

  3. I bet he loved his first birthday cupcake.. you could see it on his face! :p Happy birthday little boy!

  4. Thank you! He's been a very happy Little Man/big boy celebrating the last few days!

  5. Thanks, Per!
    He was really more of a fan of the frosting than anything else in that first cupcake - he's since learned to appreciate it more. And I love the pun =)


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