27 November 2013

A Bit of New Business at Life in Dutch

Typically, I like to talk about my plans for the week on Mondays when I join up with the Monday Coffee Morning Social hosted by Molly at The Move to America. I didn't link up this week since I wanted to get the Malta post up, so I thought I'd share a bit of the plans for next week here on Life in Dutch.

Sinterklaas will be dropping by our house next Thursday night, providing that everyone has behaved themselves. This afternoon we are attending a special visit by Sinterklaas at Tilburg University, and of course, there are constant reminders that the day is coming. In short, you can expect to see some Sinterklaas related posts in the next few days. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about or who this fellow is, you can read up on our experiences last year with Sinterklaas here and here.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, but our feasting is postponed until Sunday when we get together with some friends to celebrate the holiday. I'm looking forward to some bread stuffing and, in lieu of turkey, trying goose for the first time! I'll share some insights into our Expat Thanksgiving next week.

I know I said I was going to get my Food in Dutch series up at the end of November, but I managed to forget about Thanksgiving when I first said that. So, officially, the first post in the Food in Dutch series will go live on Tuesday 3 December. Really, I promise. There's a date involved now, so I'm sticking to it. The series will be a total of 6 posts with information about the dish, the recipe and method, and how it turned out. And you can decide whether or not you want to include the dish into your Christmas or New Year's menu.

In the mean time, we're trying to stay rested during the excitement of the next week. We've had a cough we just can't get rid of, so we're trying to stay relaxed while we can. The cats are doing a pretty good job of this, and I'm a little jealous of their ability to fall asleep anywhere.

Do you have big plans for this week? Are you making an American Expat Thanksgiving or gearing up for Sinterklaas?


  1. Oh to be a cat! What a life! :-) I'm cooking on Sunday but that's about it. It's always such a strange feeling when you don't have the usual time off and traditions all around you. I almost keep forgetting it's even thanksgiving!

  2. Don't forget Dinovember!!!!!

  3. None of these two for me I am afraid. Sending you many 'get rid of your cough' vibes though.

  4. No Sinterklaas in this neck of the woods, but we will be having an expat-style Thanksgiving on Saturday. I'm bummed I have to work and proceed with life as usual tomorrow, but looking forward to the weekend! We're bringing corn muffins, cranberry sauce, salad and maybe something more. Still debating that one.

    Happy Thanksgiving from Sweden!!

  5. I know what you mean! Without the visual cues, I've forgotten a bunch of times already. We're celebrating on Sunday, too. It's weird that it's delayed, but it will still be tasty!

  6. Ha! I did one Dinovember and LM thought I was a bit crazy. But he thought it was funny at least. =)

  7. Thanks - I hate cough syrup, so it's just tea for me!

  8. We're celebrating Sunday - and you're right, it's weird that it's a normal day for everyone around you. But at least there will still be feasting. =) Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thanks for providing the links to better explain Sinterklaas. The David Sedaris video really summed up well in an entertaining way. I had known a little bit about Sinterklaas (more of the controversy over his helper being in blackface), but I didn't know the whole story involving him coming from Spain via boat and so on. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this weekend.

  10. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Sarah! I'm sure I've left out plenty on Sinterklaas, but it is much different than Americans expect. I think Sedaris's description is pretty good for the general information. :) happy Thanksgiving!

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