07 October 2013

Monday Coffee and the Slow Return

I'm back!

We've been battling a cold that made the rounds through the house for the last week and a half, and it was pretty rough. It got Mark, then it got me, then Little Man. Mark and I were each down for over a week, but at least the Little Man was only bothered by it for a day and a half. Those little immune systems sure are amazing. Slowly, my brain is starting to function again, and we're trying to get back on track with all the daily stuff as well as the excitement that's to come.

Since last week turned into a black hole of time, nothing got accomplished - though we did manage to celebrate Mark's birthday with some homemade birthday brownies. Since I can't really remember if anything else happened last week, we'll just jump into the plans for what's to come. 

We started this week off with a trip to the doctor's office to check up on Little Man's breathing. The initial medication for his wheezing did the trick, but the wheezing came back after we stopped the medication. Now we're back on the medication for an indefinite period, which will work well enough for now. 

This week I start finalizing plans for activities our trip to Paris (it's almost here!), which I've been neglecting while the business of the last few weeks took over. I'm also very happy to say that a friend and I are planning an amazing Mamas' getaway weekend in Malta in November. My fingers are just itching to keep searching the internet for all sorts of travel ideas. 

We're also getting the final supplies and things ready for Little Man's transition to the kleuterschool. His practice days begin the week after our trip to Paris, so we've got to make sure everything is set before we leave. Mostly that means rereading the parent's guide to kleuterschool and making sure that his gym shoes and the like are ready to go. And of course, we keep talking up school and the expectations. The excitement continues to build. 

Finally, this week I will stop threatening to finish the little dinosaurs I've been working on and actually get them done. I did manage to complete the body of one before we all got sick, and had this cute photo-op:

Now he just needs eyes and his orange twin to get finished up, and we'll call the whole experiment a success! 

Here's to a healthy and productive week for us and you! Don't forget to check out Molly's lovely blog, The Move to America. Last week, Molly made the move and officially began life as an expat in the States! Her Monday Coffee Morning is set up with some other lovely bloggers, too, and well worth checking out. 

The Move to America


  1. I am so glad you hear that you are getting better - colds are so awful and can make you feel so exhausted.
    I hope this week is more productive for you (I love the dinosaur - too cute) - sending lots of good wishes your way!

    Thank you for supporting my link-up again :-)

  2. Wheezing is just the worst, I am asthmatic and even now as an adult I will try to hide it which is silly but I always feel so lame wheezing!

  3. Thanks, Molly! We're glad to start feeling normal again, and working to stay healthy, too!

  4. I know what you mean! I've also got asthma, but it's pretty well controlled these days - but that makes watching Little Man wheeze all that much harder! Autumn is usually hard on the breathing because of the crazy temperature changes, too.

  5. Oh I'm so sorry you guys have been sick. If it's any consolation- we're still sick here too! I'm better, C and B are better, but L is pretty bad off. Just 'the coughs'- though- but I suspect a fever tonight. Lovely. We're trying to use the inhaler thing- but it's 'yucky'. Any tips????

    And yay for Paris and November! WOO HOO!!

  6. Bless you....what is dutch for bless you? I'm glad you are all on the mend. Shame about the little fellas wheezing and meds, hopefully it passes after the weather warms up again. I will just ignore the details about Paris and Malta and go back to doing what i was doing. xx

  7. Oh, yuck, not you guys too. =(
    Hopefully L feels better. The inhaler does leave a funny metallic taste sometimes, maybe you can bribe with something after taking it? Our apothoteek said Little Man needs to drink something after one of the doses, maybe you can promise a drink right after it's done? Hopefully it will pass soon.

  8. "Gezondheid" =) Thanks, we're glad to be functioning again... but, "Winter is coming."
    I'll try not to rub in Paris and Malta - but I won't try to contain the excitement.

  9. I was doing good until we moved so far north and it seems I am regressing!


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