25 September 2013

Still Legal

I haven't talked about it on the blog here, but I was waiting for approval on the extension of my verblijfsdocument (residency permit). While I knew it would likely come out fine, I felt so nervous every time I thought about it, it was better just to try and forget while I was waiting.

When we moved to the Netherlands, Mark and Little Man's residency permits were both good for 5 years - the length of Mark's contract. My permit was only good for one year. My understanding is that approval for spouses/partners is done this way to make sure that no one is scamming their way into the country. The government doesn't want to extend residency to someone that may turn around and leech off the "system" because at application time they stated, "Oh yeah, we're together. *wink, wink*" and then "separate" shortly after getting in.

Thanks to Mark's status as a "highly skilled worker" (like the footballers), my reapplication process was relatively simple. My forms basically said, "Yup, still married. And his files are still valid for a few years." And then it was just a matter of paying the fee and waiting for someone to look at his file. The later which takes several months.

Not letting go...

But now the new permit is in my hands and good for another 4 years. I'm still legal, and now I can fully relax again.

Have you ever dealt with the visa/immigration/naturalization process? How easy or difficult did you find it?


  1. My first one was good for five years, but the renewal happened to be this year. For whatever reason, I didn't get the paperwork they automatically send out and had to ask for it, hoping I'd get it all sorted before my trip. I was a happy camper the day I finally got my new one!

  2. The 'verlenging' process after that first year was the easiest (I'm here with the same status, as spouse of a highly skilled migrant). I'm scheduled to apply for a more permanent status next week, so I'll know more then about how easy or difficult it is. I compiled the requisite paperwork from my files earlier in the summer, dropped by my local gemeente and asked if what I had was sufficient. Now I wait to fill out the official forms and turn in my personal documents...then wait...and wait...and...

  3. I'm glad it worked out before your trip! That's weird that the paperwork didn't go out automatically, especially when it seems like you need to send it back within a couple days to still have everything happen "on time"

  4. Oh, the waiting is the worst part - at one point I called and was told my status was approved, but needed to wait 2-4 weeks for my letter inviting me to pick up my new card. That seemed a little crazy when every other paper I got from them during the process was printed out and sent a day or two after they received something from me.
    It's good you're so organized for this round of permits. I'll be interested to know how the forms go this time around for the more permanent status.

  5. I've noticed a few instances where the wait doesn't seem logical, but can't for the life of me understand why it's so common. Oh well...
    I will be glad to let you know how it goes with this new permit.

  6. I think that best sums up my thoughts on the "waits". Looking forward to hearing about the new permit =)


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