09 September 2013

Monday Coffee Morning and Organization

It's Monday, so I'm connecting up with Molly at The Move to America for the Monday Coffee Morning and getting energized for the week!

The Move to America

Last week I focused on getting back to normal after Mark returned from a conference, so nothing really exciting happened. But I finally finished some of the little critters I've been threatening to create for a couple weeks.

The first of several litters. Voila. 

And now that I have several litters worth of these little kittens, I'm moving on to some dinosaurs. I doubt I'll finish this week, but I'm getting started and hopefully get some good progress.

I'd also like to brag that I finally finished our 2012 US tax return over the weekend. I filed an extension back in April because of weird tax laws for Americans living abroad the first year, and I'm happy to report that I finished the taxes before the extension deadline - I feel almost efficient. At least they're done and I don't have to think about them any more.

So, what's in store for this week? Staying organized is my number one goal. The next few weeks will be busy with events and deadlines, so I'm trying to stay on top of things. Mostly I need to stay prepared for the Dutch lessons I take and the English lessons I give, but there are is a writing deadlines coming at the beginning of October, so getting that post ready will take some careful organization of my time.

I'm also in the process of planning an apple picking trip. I took Little Man apple picking near Chicago two years ago, and he absolutely loved every minute of it. Apple picking is one of those things that I feel was part of a very "normal" American experience growing up that I'd like Little Man to share, even if it's not in a New England orchard. I've heard of a couple places in the Netherlands that have self-pick, so now it's a matter of determining the closest/easiest to reach place and picking a good date. Apple picking makes it feel more like autumn, so I'm hoping we can find a good place to make it happen.

And I'm starting to plan out an itinerary! We decided to go to Paris for a long weekend during Little Man's herstvakantie (fall vacation) in mid-October, and I want to make sure we've got some type of schedule to make good use of our time there. We already have our train tickets and hotel (near Notre Dame!), so now it's a matter of filling in the days.

At least all my deadlines are for fun things - that should make the work go faster, or at least feel more entertaining. Here's to the week!


  1. Your crochet critters are awesome and I love the idea of dinosaurs! I look forward to seeing those when they are done.
    You do sound very organised and it is a good feeling when you achieve something (the tax thing sounds hideous) especially before the deadline. Here is to a productive week!
    Thank you for joining my little social!

  2. Growing up in Florida, apple picking wasn't something I ever did, but I did have my very own orange tree. Still, even I associate apple picking with autumn. (It was even the topic of a recent work article I did.) I hope you find somewhere close and convenient and have a great time!

  3. Thanks, Molly! I'm hoping the dinosaurs come out nicely. I started one last night and it looks like it's off to good start.
    Just wait til you get a good look at US taxes... yeesh. I don't know what they make you do in the UK for taxes but filing in the States feels like a circus act.

  4. Thanks, Alison! I'll let you know where we end up going. I feel an apple and cinnamon craving coming on, so hopefully I can make this happen. =)


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