23 September 2013

Monday Coffee Morning, Colors, and the Fall Bake-o-Rama

It's Monday, and I'm joining back up with the Monday Coffee Morning with Molly at The Move to America for her weekly link-up. It's a good way to evaluate the last week and look forward to the new week, stop on by her blog and see what she and the other bloggers are up to this week!

The Move to America

Last week, we took Little Man to the doctor to get his consistent cough and wheeze checked out. It went well, and he's on a temporary steroid inhaler through the rest of this week to see what that does for his cough. We've already scheduled a follow up appointment for two weeks from now, so then we'll find out if that's it for now or if we take the next step and go to a pediatrician for an asthma test. But for now, it seems like it's working, so I'll take it.

I've also finally completed Little Man's school forms for personality and physical/cognitive development, which is a relief. As long as they can look past my terrible Dutch spelling and grammar in the "comments sections," I think we'll be fine.

This week, I'd like to do a few projects with the Little Man before he starts school. We've been working on a "color" scrap book - it's a good combination of learning about colors and making a keepsake together. We have the name of each color in English and Dutch, pictures of Little Man wearing a shirt of each color, pictures of his toys that are that color, a description from him about each color. We're about a third of the way through (we've covered red, orange, and yellow), but I need to get some more photos printed up so that we can finish it. I want to finish it before he starts kleuterschool, so I'm getting down to crunch time.

We're also going to start baking. I bought the "value" bag of apples a week and a half ago, and before they start going squishy, we're going to make some apple cinnamon bread. I also need to clear out the apples before we do zelf-pluk (self-pick), which may happen this coming weekend providing all my schemes work out.

And for my own project, I need to get the legs on my first "official" dino and start the second. Little Man has been playing with the "practice" dino, and it's holding up well to little-boy-play-time, which is exactly what I need these guys to do. So far, I'm pretty pleased with myself, and I'm excited to get started on the second one.

Here's to the week and any projects you have!


  1. Sounds like a good week ahead! I think it is great you are doing a project with your son before he goes to school - that is a lovely way to spend time with him too. The apple cinnamon bread sounds divine! I would love to make some of that! Yum!
    Have a super week, and thanks for linking-up!

  2. Thanks, Molly! I already found one squishy apple (I believe it was from a failed "juggling" attempt by Little Man), so I better get moving on that bread!

  3. I give you major props. If I get forms like those I ship them right off to Anouk and say 'Can you...?' I just cannot handle those! And interesting about the cough with M. C has had one going on a month now. How much longer do I let it go before I have to take him in I wonder? With winter on the way I really hate thinking about it. He's my one that gets croup.

  4. The forms are so hard... I hope we're done for a while. Yowzah.
    I think after waiting a month you can safely make an appointment without any funny looks from the doc. I made a point to say that it was happening for a couple months and all the OTC options we tried first, and they were very understanding. I've also learned not to give anything that helps ease the symptoms the day we go so they can really see/hear what I'm talking about. I'd say take C in before the temps really drop.

  5. From Casinos To Castles23 September, 2013 21:44

    Sounds like you've got a lot going on! Hope little man continues to get better and no asthma!

  6. Come on over, we've got loads of picking that needs to be done. No apples though. Good luck with the recipe.

  7. I would love to steal, I mean partake of, your wonderful gardening bounty! My thumb isn't so green...


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