22 September 2013

Forms Made Me Fall Off the Grid

Occasionally, I fall off the grid. It's usually because I'm not organized enough to write posts in advance and/or then there are a bunch of things happen at the same time that keep me from sitting down long enough to write. Well, I suppose I could just sit down and write, but it wouldn't necessarily be a full sentence or anything generally coherent. But last week, I stayed away from the computer while I was at a few meetings and saw some friends, and because I had forms to fill out. 

Some forms arrived from Little Man's new school to complete in advance and give the teachers more of an idea of his personality and different physical and cognitive developments. This doesn't really sound like a good reason to ignore most everything else around you - and it probably isn't. I've always experienced a bit of "form" anxiety, over thinking the meanings of my choices and what the "best" answer really is. As you can imagine, this tendency has made ever standardized test or job application I've ever completed a real stressful experience. 

The process has always taken longer than it probably should, but forms have become harder to fill out because they're a) in a different language and b) about my kid. You want to make sure you're giving the most helpful answers to ensure you don't put something wrong, inconsistent, or confusing when it comes to your child's education... and I've already had the fun experience of going to the school to finish off half-completed forms because I didn't think to turn the page over before putting them back in the mail. So now I'm reading very slowly, (over)thinking about each answer, and checking both sides of the page compulsively. Add in the the fact that I'm translating every. single. word. and it's become a really involved process.

But I suppose I got to learn a whole new group of adjectives...

So I fell off the grid a bit as I tried to decipher exactly what I'm doing (unfortunately, after 3 days, it's not done yet). And that takes more time than I care to think about right now. But once that form goes back into the mailbox, I can forget about it, and everything else will continue as normal. 

At least until they ask me to complete another form.


  1. Holy cow, I'd get a headache upon just glancing at all those options to be checked off... Ouch. Would have been nice if they sent it via PDF so you could Google Translate it or something. Bummer.

  2. Yeah, it's had to get through - which is why I've been doing it in stages over the last few days. But I do have the Google Translate app on my phone, so I take a lot of pictures of the forms!

  3. Haha this would totally be me. Forms in German make me break into a cold sweat!

  4. LOL, I think cold sweat is one of the better ways to describe it. And when you're feeling good about learning a language, there's nothing quite like filling out a form with strange adjectives and phrases to put you back in your place!

  5. Gah! I know this all too well. Google translate only goes so far, and with or without it you fee l like a total noob. Have a glass of wine, and just tick any old boxes (okay, maybe not).

    It's good to have you back though.

  6. Haha, thanks - it's good to be back. =)
    Google Translate is simultaneously my lifeline and source of endless frustration. But the wine helps.


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