08 August 2013

White Gold

There aren't a lot of American food products that we miss. Before we left the States, I was starting to navigate the world of organic and free-of-baddies foods and environmentally friendly processing, so my ideas of brand loyalties were in transition anyway. And my cooking was only of "meh"-quality on a regular basis, so except for a few key meals it didn't matter if it was from scratch or from a box.

After we acquired some new pots and pans and our belongings finally arrived, cooking became more fluid. We cooked with more fresh ingredients than before and we used what we could find in our local markets or grocery stores. We simply started to adjust how we cooked dinner, so it didn't matter if I couldn't find cream-of-something soup or boxes of mac 'n' cheese. And gradually, we could read/translate instructions on the dinner packs sold here and found various products we love but wouldn't be able to get in the States (like the stroopwafel).

That being said... I am grateful for our continued access to ranch dressing. It is the only form of white gold in this house.

Seriously. White Gold. And I will defend it as such.

It's versatile: veggies, chicken nuggets, pizza, mashed potatoes... I could go on. And because there are times when we all eat like children, it's enjoyed by everyone in the house with about the same level of enthusiasm.

We haven't needed to go purchase it and we haven't fallen to rationing it amongst ourselves (yet). Our amazing families have mailed and toted packages along with them from the States, so we've been well supplied. And when the time comes, I'll make my way to one of the American grocery stores nearby rather than go without. Because it's really that good.


  1. A grocery store we've been going to here in Utrecht has carried Cardini's Ranch Dressing, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, they're closing and I don't know if other stores nearby carry it. As a result, I've stocked up a bit. I'll also probably be buying a lot of packets of the dry stuff to bring back with me when I go back to the US for a visit in September.

  2. That's too bad. The stock up from the States is a good idea, and you can at least pack a lot of packages without taking too much room.


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