19 August 2013

In the Groove Again and Monday Coffee

Now that Little Man has made it through a week of being back at school, I feel like we've mostly gotten our groove back. But even while we're back in the routine, we setting some goals again this week, and we're linking back up with Molly at The Move to America to join in her Monday Coffee Morning Social.

The Move to America

Firstly, I'd like to say that last week I DID get that blanket and my book finished, so a small hooray and pat on the back for me. And we did make a point to do some monolingual play with Little Man every day (meaning we didn't push the Dutch words) which I think he appreciated, so I feel like last week was rather successful. 

We've discussed with the Little Man starting a goal of learning a new word in Dutch each school day. Since he's figured out how to ask "Wat is dat in 't Nederlands?" (What is that in Dutch?), we're going to work on then retaining the information, and hopefully get some more verbs in his vocabulary.

This Wednesday, Little Man and I will take a trip up to Amsterdam and head into the Rijksmuseum. When Grandma and Grandpa visited, they gave Little Man the book Monkey and Mole at the Rijksmuseum after our visit to the museum. Since we didn't see everything that Monkey and Mole find in the book, we're going to go back and try to see each of the pieces in the book. I know that Little Man will be especially happy to see Jan Asselijn's The Threatened Swan again, and I have a feeling that seeing the little angel Amor will be exciting, too. This may be one of my best "field trip" ideas yet, but I feel like we should do it before Little Man moves to full-time school, so we're taking advantage of his usually plan-less-Wednesdays.

This week, I started up with a new crocheting project - making tiny stuffed animals... They're relatively quick to put together, so I'm hoping to create a little menagerie and get a few set away as gifts. They're cute and the design is versatile, so with any luck, this will work as well as I think it will.  

I'm also cooking up a week's worth of posts about Dutch food and recipes for sometime in the near future (10 points to you if you caught that awful pun). This should be both delicious and informative, but I need to do a little more homework before putting my plan into action. More updates to come!

Hoping your week (and ours) will be good and productive! 

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  1. Thanks for joining in with my little social again!

    Good luck with your tiny stuffed animals crochet project - so cute!


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