16 August 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Fixa Zelfklevende Meubeldop/Stick-on Floor Protectors

School's back, and so is IKEA Vrijdag!

After our summer holidays, we started to realize that it was time to replace some of the furniture pads on the bottom of our Vilmar kitchen chairs, and since the opportunity for taking photos of nice, clean pads presented itself, the Fixa Zelfklevende Meubeldop/Stick-on Floor Protectors (20 pack) is being featured in this week's IKEA Vrijdag review.

We rent our home, but we don't own the flooring. The owner will come back to the house at the end of our lease, so we're keeping things in as good a condition as possible. So when we started to assemble our furniture, we felt obligated to give the flooring a little more TLC than we have in the past, and purchased more Fixa Zelfklevende Meubeldop/Stick-on Floor Protectors than we had furniture legs to stick them on.

Fixa Zelfklevende Meubeldop/Stick-on Floor Protectors (20 pack)

It's a simple product: It's essentially a fuzzy sticker. There are plenty of other companies that produce these types of products. But IKEA conveniently places these things in a giant bin by the display kitchen chairs and tables, so you grab 10-12 packs (and there are 20 pads per pack, mind you) "just to be sure" you don't forget all together and "just to be sure" you have enough for all your furniture legs. Speaking from experience and 10 or so packages later *ahem*, please trust me, you will have plenty.

Since these Fixa pads are just fancy stickers, they will need to be replaced, specifically on things like kitchen chairs that get a lot of movement. I should have replaced ours on the kitchen chairs 3 months ago - half had fallen off and the other half were beyond help. It's not really the fault of the product - they're heavily used and also have daily encounters with spills (by children and adults) and more cat hair than I care to admit.

If you can peel a sticker, you can peel and apply these pads. Your aim is dependent upon your own skills. Some IKEA items are perfectly suited for these pads. The legs of our Tullsta Fauteuil/Airchair and Urban Juniorstoel/Junior Chair are the perfect fit for these pads.

Perfectly sized for the Urban Juniorstoel/Junior Chair

But, our Vilmar Stoel/Chair is not sized for these pads (or maybe it's the other way around?). It may be hard to tell from this picture, but the pads are bigger than the chair legs and hang over exposing some of the sticky side, and so in combination with the heavy use, they fall off of the Vilmar easier than any other IKEA product we own.

Not well-sized for the Vilmar Stoel/Chair.
And yes, those are my own legs in the shot...

The pads generally work, and they're cheap, but there's no reason to purchase these from IKEA if it's going to take a special trip. There are other companies that make the same exact product. We give the Fixa Zeldklevende Meubeldop/Stick-on Floor Protectors 3 Swedish Meatballs on our 5 Meatball scale. They work, but I feel like IKEA should have sized these better for their kitchen chairs, since that's the type of item that will really put these pads to the test.

Life in Dutch Rating for the Fixa Zeldklevende Meubeldop/Stick-on Floor Protectors:


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