30 August 2013

I Heart Holland: Reason #14 - Kinderboerderijen

I heart the kinderboerderij.

Our local kinderboerderij (children's farm)

The direct translation to English is "children's farm," but these farms aren't just for kids - it's a great visit even for adults. There are a variety of "farm animals" to see (i.e. rabbits, goats, ponies, alpacas, chickens) as well as some more "unique" animals you might see in a regular zoo. Our local kinderboerderij is home to a large owl, bearded dragons, turtles, toads, and Pied Crows (a type of African raven).

Turtle coming through his "turtle door"

One unimpressed chicken

Bearded dragon
The wise owl
The alpacas recently joined the farm. The brown one is pregnant and due in the spring.

Pied Crow
Lovey parakeets

Our neighborhood kinderboerderij is still working on its "finishing touches" since it opened this summer, but it's already offering occasional weekend activities for children, a small library, and a few of the neighborhood kids have been allowed to volunteer and learn to care for the animals. Depending on the rules and staff of each kinderboerderij, some of the animals can be pet or fed by visitors.

A happy Little Man with konijn (rabbit)

Our local kinderboerderij also sports an observation tower to make it easier to get a great view of the facility and the surrounding fields. The Scottish Highlander cows that roam the fields around here can be seen more easily (though every time I think about getting a picture, they're nowhere to be found), and sometimes the different types of geese or ducks stop buy to sample the grass (but not when I'd like to take a picture).

The observation tower

View of the farm from the tower

View of the fields from the tower

The kinderboerderijen are located all over the country and easily found via Google or checking a city's website. Tilburg's city website lists six kinderboerderijen in the city, but one was recently built in our neighborhood hasn't yet been added to the list, making at least seven available in Tilburg alone.

And the best part about the kinderboerderijen is that they are free admission to all. This is a fantastic perk for us because we have been making almost-daily trips since the grand opening; but it also makes it easier for anyone to go and enjoy the animals or excited children and maybe learn something, too.


  1. I just can't over how green it all is, & animals, library and volunteer work for the wee ones - brilliant.
    Equally as brilliant is this comment section ;)

  2. The whole set up is fantastic - and it's less than a 2 minute walk for us AND there's a playground across the street. I think if they had a snack bar, Little Man would never leave.
    I'm glad you like the comment section. Someone sent me a rather brilliant tutorial to add Disqus ;)


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