23 July 2013

I'm Melting...

Just about... the heat waves that have inflicted themselves in the United States and the UK and Ireland have moved through to the mainland. We've been working with heat in the 30-35 C range (85-95 F) the last few days, and with a brief one-day exception where we expect the temperatures to drop back into the normal area of 24-26 C (75-78 F), we'll have about a week more of this. I am actually wearing my only pair of shorts, so you know it must be desperate - I'm now referring to this temperature as "unholy heat."

So what do you do with this kind of heat and no air conditioning (no one has AC, it's just not very hot here most of the time)? We don't have a kiddie pool in the garden for the Little Man, so before the heat became unbearable this morning, we made a special trip to Zeeman's (our version of a dollar store) for water pistols. One euro later, and we have a very happy Little Man and an out-door activity that we can do without heatstroke.

First fill-up
This is where Sebastian started questioning my decision of allowing flying water outside.

We set some ground rules, of course: no squirting animals (i.e. "Leave the cats alone."), no squirting at/into the house, no squirting when someone says stop or is refilling. Otherwise, go nuts!

Watering the plants is ok.

I must say, I'm already impressed by the quality of cheap water pistols compared to my first Super Soaker 20ish years ago... these little things make 15 feet - as did that first Super Soaker...

And we got 2 in the package, so grownups can play.

At least as the heat continues, we still have a play option that will distract from the "I wanna watch a show" syndrome that develops indoors. And we'll stay a little cooler for it, too.

And both cats have decided it's safer inside while there's flying water outside.

But Sebastian's still disappointed...


  1. Sebastian looks like a twin of my cat Lola in that last photo. Both of my cats love the heat, but I think even they're ready for slightly cooler temps now.

    1. Cats can be so weird about the heat. In the last two pictures, the boys are hanging out in the hottest room in the house, but they didn't seem to be enjoying it.


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