24 June 2013

I Heart Holland: Reason #12 - The Museumkaart

Our visitors arrive today, so I thought it was time share another reason why I Heart Holland: The Museumkaart.

The Museumkaart is a pass that you can purchase for free or significantly reduced cost of admission to over 400 participating museums throughout the country. Currently, the cost of the card is €44.95 for adults and €22.50 for children (up to 18 years old) and the card is subject to an additional €4.95 administrative fee per card. (The price of the Museumkaart is subject to change but there seems to be quite a bit of warning before the increase happens. Starting 1 July 2013 the adult cards will cost €49.95 and child cards will cost €25 before the administrative fee.) The cards are valid for 1 year and are non-transferable.

The Museumkaart

We purchased 2 adult cards and 1 child card, and while the cost is a bit steep, we've already made up the cost by the number of uses. Since buying the card in mid-March we've been to the Natuurmuseum Brabant (right in Tilburg's city centre) 4 times, the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht twice, the Groningermuseum, the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum and the Universiteitsmuseum in Gronigen, the Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum in Nijmegen all for free, and the Museum het Princenhof in Delft for €1 - had we paid straight out of pocket, the total for all those visits would have been €152.50. Since the total cost of all our cards was €127.25, we've already come out ahead - and we've got lots of museum plans with our visitors over the next couple of weeks and another 9 months before the cards expire.

If you live in the Netherlands, it's definitely worth considering the purchase because of the potential return that you get on your card. And if you can only spend an hour in a museum, you still feel like you've gotten your money's worth when you use your card regularly. I'll leave you with a look at some of the cool things we've seen thanks to the ease of the Museumkaart.

Digging for "fossils" in the Dinosaur exhibit
at Natuurmuseum Brabant

Stairwell at the Gronigermuseum

Whale skull at Universiteitsmuseum

Little Man reenacting Dr. Strangelove at the WWII exhibit
at the Spoorwegmuseum.


  1. You should come back to Utrecht and visit the Centraal Museum, which includes entry to the Dick Bruna House across the street. Lots of interactive stuff for kids.

    1. That's on my list of things to do since we were last at the museum in September, pre-Museumkaart purchase and Little Man now has an appreciation for Nijntje. And we love an excuse to walk around Utrecht.


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