17 June 2013

A Little Bit of Nature Outside Your Door

I'm getting a post ready about our visitors that were with us last week - but as you wait for that, enjoy a bit of a photo montage.

In our neighborhood (the Reeshof of Tilburg), the houses and businesses have been developed in a way to maintain as much of the natural surroundings as possible. The best part about this is that nature is accessible and it's easy to find all sorts of animals right outside your door, which is Little Man's favorite part of the neighborhood, right after the many playgrounds. Today has gorgeous weather so we took advantage of a sunny morning walk to find animals before the afternoon session of peuterspeelzaal. Here's a little glimpse into our daily wanderings about the neighborhood.

The Woodpigeon - the slower, dumber cousin of the street wise city pigeon.

It's spring and the babies are out. Here are some of the Canada Geese with their large gaggle.

Theoretically, we could see falcons here. We haven't spotted one yet.

The Scottish Highlander cows are all over the place. Here's one of our favorites - a kleintje (little one)

Mallards are in abundance, and now we can find plenty of chicks. The yellow chicks will grow to be white or very light brown in color.

The Common Coot - They're funny looking and they sound like squeaky toys.

Wild Foxglove - Don't worry, we know not to touch it, but it's still pretty to look at.

The Great Crested Grebe and chick. 

The common hare, or konjijntje (bunny) 

A beautiful little blue butterfly.

And my favorite wild animal: The Little Man, enjoying fields, rocks, and nature.

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