24 May 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (2x2)

I bet you thought I completely forgot about IKEA Vrijdagen, but fear not because it's back. I'll admit that Little Man's 2 week long May vacation threw me off and then I was focusing on my Dutch homework, so I chose to neglect the IKEA Vrijdag. But I return today with the next Expedit Series installment.

During our first trip to IKEA, we chose the Expedit 4x4 and the Expedit 5x1 for our living room. After our things arrived from the States we realized that Little Man's room could use some additional storage for the toys and books he's accumulated and we needed something for the room on the top floor that is partly used for office space and guest room. The cheap and easy solution was the Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (2x2).

Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (2x2)

We purchased two units in black-brown color. We initially planned on a white one for the Little Man's room, but of course, they were out of the white at the moment we were going through their warehouse, so we just picked up another black-brown to get us out of there faster. Because the black-brown is a popular color, you can easily pair this Expedit with the same color out of the Lack series or other Expedit items. We have our 2x2 Expedits on the floor, but this particular item is light enough that it can be mounted on a wall or turned into a rolling cart; however IKEA does not sell the wall mountings because, per the product information, "Different wall materials require different types of fasteners." Like the other Expedits, the 2x2 open kast/shelving unit is made of particle board, fiber board, paper (to give the faux-wood look), acrylic paint, and acrylic lacquer. Wiping with a damp cloth gets off the finger prints, paw prints, and other fun surprises easily enough; and despite the speed and velocity with which some of the Little Man's toys make it back onto the shelves, the shelves still look relatively new.

I put this product together by myself, and it was a straightforward process. Like many other IKEA products, I recommend tossing the allen wrench away and using a power drill. This is especially true when capping the unit off with the final piece. Just as we encountered with the 4x4, the sides of the unit stretch outward and you must push them back to the center while capping it off. I did this while I was drilling, and it was a huge pain. I can't imagine it's any easier if you are stuck using the wrench. And while putting this piece together, though it was several weeks after the first wave of IKEA delivery, while pushing some of the shelves together I experienced another "pop" in the sternum that caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

In general, the Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (2x2) is functional and has served it's intended purpose, though I will admit that this isn't my favorite piece we purchased. For us, it's a filler piece bought to fill a quick need; but because it is one of the cheaper furniture items at IKEA, we're not worried about the abuse it may take as a toy-shelf, and that's probably it's best feature. We give the Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (2x2) 3.5 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale. Two meatballs are deducted for the construction difficulties that I didn't think would occur on a small unit.  

Life in Dutch Rating for the Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (2x2):

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