31 May 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Drona Bak/Box (Complementary item for Expedit Series)

After running through all of the Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Units in our house, it only makes sense to run through the complementary items that we purchased to live on the shelves. With four different Expedits in our home, there were plenty of options that would allow us to use up our shelving surfaces, and we did a pretty good job of it.

For our 5x1 Expedit that doubles as our TV/AV media stand, we purchased the Drona Bak/Box. We don't have a ton of DVDs or Wii games, but we felt like we needed a place to hide them rather than display them. This is especially in the case of our DVDs - we threw away all of the cases and put all the discs in a travel case when we moved in order to cut down on the space/weight of our shipping - now we have all our North American region DVDs (except for 2 box sets) in the travel case and a few European region DVDs in their oringal cases. It would just look stupid to have these things were people could see them, as would the Wii accessories that just don't stack/stay put - so we decided on some sort of box, and luckily IKEA has pretty ones for purchase so you don't have to repurpose the cardboard packaging.

We purchased three Dronas - two in black and one in green. At the time we made our purchase, the boxes were available in black, white, green, and pink. The websites for the US and the Netherlands at the time of this post list the available colors as black, white, blue, and yellow. I'm willing to bet IKEA rotates the available colors to keep things interesting/convince you it's an easy way to help you redecorate your existing IKEA living room. Being made specifically for the Expedit series, the Drona takes up the whole shelving section for a "complete" look.

3 Drona bak/boxes - black and green

Assembly is easy, much like the Nasum Mand/Basket, you simply unfold the flat box and push down the bottom that will act as the support, and voila! Bak/box established! The box has a soft handle made of the same polyester microfiber as the rest of the box making it possible to pull it out when needed. We thankfully haven't had any incident where the Drona has been made disgusting, but if we did, I think we would just be out of luck - according to IKEA's website, you can't clean it. Maybe a spot clean would take care of it, but potentially you would just have to turn that side to face the wall. While they look good, the Drona feel pretty flimsy - there's just cardboard to help them keep their shape. When used occasionally, they serve their purpose well, but I can see them falling apart rather easily if used for children's things or in a high-traffic area.

Drona hinding our junk. When left ajar like this, it also serves as a cat-hidey hole.

We give the Drona box a rating of 4 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale. One meatball is deducted for the box being "uncleanable" and a bit flimsy - but for our purposes they have held up well.

Life in Dutch Rating for Drona Bak/Box:

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