23 May 2013

I Heart Holland: Reason #11 - The Guide to Waste Disposal

Figuring out how to dispose of waste is easy. Like, really easy. I'm still in shock over how easy it is.

I mentioned in a previous post about our paper, plastic, and glass recycling and how easy it was to recycle things. I've since found out how to make proper waste disposal even easier, which is good since I always have a high awareness of my own eco-guilt that has only increased in our new setting.

Introducing the Afvalscheidingswijzer (Waste Guide)! It's a comprehensive guide to proper disposal of basically anything you can think of while in the Netherlands with a description of the waste item, an explanation of the disposal method and reasoning, and any additional information important for your average person. I've only recently discovered this website, and I am very glad I did; though I will say that, like all websites written in another language, it's easier to use Google Chrome as your browser because it will translate the page for you.

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