22 March 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (5x1)

Here starts one of several Expedit series reviews. The series in general is rather versatile, and they fit well most places. The first Expedit we're reviewing is the "long and skinny" - a shelving unit that's 5 shelves in one row that can be placed vertically or horizontally. 

We use the 5x1 Expedit horizontally as a TV stand with some shelving and baskets below. We chose the stand in white to go along with the grey/red/white color scheme in the living room. This particular model is all particle board, fiber board, and acrylic paint and lacquer, so it's rather light and easy to clean off, though I'm always suspicious of the durability of "light" furniture. So far it's held up well, but it's also out of the way of regular living room traffic and Little Man is well past the point of pulling himself up and playing at the immediate surface. 

Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit - 5x1 versions

A nice thing about the Expedit series is that IKEA really wants you to purchase things to "complete" the piece, and so they offer a crazy-huge selection of additions. Baskets, cabinet and drawer inserts, casters, and even wall-mounts are all available (though some additions are not recommended for specific Expedit products - i.e. no wall mounts or casters for the 5x5 shelving piece).

Putting it together was simple enough in theory, but I came across a bit of difficulty putting it together on my own. First, if you're not paying close enough attention, it is very easy to push a dowel in too far and have it be of no use (fortunately I noticed before it was too late and had a pair of pliers close by to pull it back out). Next, while pushing the shelves together with the dowels I felt a "pop" in my sternum that continued to haunt me for a few days, which may not have happened if I did anything to ensure some sort of upper body strength, but unfortunately I figured that out after the "pop." I can't remember if IKEA recommends this to be a two person job or not, but it didn't feel that difficult ("pop" aside), especially because we had already decided to leave the Expedit in the horizontal position. IKEA does recommend that when placing vertically, you mount to the wall with the provided hardware - I would also recommend in the case you have any kind of cat/dog/child/adult with childlike coordination in your home.

In general, we're happy with the piece. We give the Expedit 5x1 Open Kast/Shelving Unit 4 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale. A meatball is deducted for the suspicious durability. 

Life in Dutch Rating for Expedit Open Kast/Shelving Unit (5x1):

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