05 March 2013

A Few Additions to the Schooling Routine

The day has finally arrived when Little Man got to start two additional days of school during the week to help with his language acquisition. Since most kids only attend peuterspeelzaal two days per week the Little Man gets to make a whole new set of friends, but he has the benefit of going to the same classroom and seeing a couple of the same teachers. Dropping him off for the first day of his new schedule went easily since he already felt at home in the classroom and recognized teachers.

Picking the Little Man up proved to be easy as well, with a very happy and bouncing (literally and constantly) attitude that carried him mostly home. I say mostly, because we typically pass a small speelplaat (playground) in the neighborhood on our way home, and they have recently added a new piece of play equipment.

Playing spin (spider)

Though, eventually, we were allowed to leave and go home for lunch.

Looking through the "spyglass" for home

Next week, I also start my formal Dutch language acquisition with official language lessons. With some hard work, and a bit of luck, I hope to go from faking my way through conversations at the kassa (cash register) to actually understanding when someone deviates from the script I keep in my head for the occasion. 

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