26 February 2013

In Sickness and Health

You might have noticed our recent e-silence (if not, it's okay, we're not offended). We've been dealing with one illness or another since the temperature started to drop in the fall, but the Little Man has been the recipient of most viral visitors and had battled bronchitis on and off for most of the winter. Mark and I had both gotten a cold that put us down for a few days earlier in the fall, but this past week I was totally down with a cold and Mark was dealing with a minor eye issue before prepping for his trip to Abu Dhabi. For once, the Little Germ Factory Man was completely healthy and was happy with Mama laying on the couch or the floor while "playing" or getting to watch extra TV shows while I grabbed a nap. We stayed quiet on the blog since I was lucid enough to know that I wasn't lucid enough to write, or think, or do much of anything else.

We learned a few fun facts in the past week:

1. Antihistamines are not sold over-the-counter in the Netherlands. A few minutes of Google research showed that antihistamines are a controlled substance in the Netherlands and only available with a prescription,which a doctor may or may not issue. There are over-the-counter remedies for Hay Fever and other general allergic reactions, but don't expect to find Benedryl or anything else that will let you sleep through your allergies.

2. Pseudoephedrine-related products are also not sold in stores. This doesn't really bother us since we're more "suffer through your cold" people, but we found out while looking for antihistamines.

3. You really can expect an appointment with your home doctor (primary care doctor) the same day without the assistant hemming and hawing about whether or not it's worth cramming you in for 15 minutes at the end of the day. Actually, we already knew this, but it was nice to see it still works. Having dealt with an over-sized medical group in Chicago who's appointment-making department had no connection to the medical offices, this is a very welcome change.

4. It's okay to have a stockpile of OJ in the pantry, it may just come in handy one week.

5. It's amazing how much housework will build up over the week when all you do is lay on the couch.

Now we hope to be back to normal this week, starting with all the housework, and regular postings again.

1 comment:

  1. glad you are feeling better and that a doctor will actually see you when you are sick, not 2 days after you are pretty sure you are no longer contagious.


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