28 February 2013

I Heart Holland: Reason #5 - Easy Recylcing

One of the great things about living in the Netherlands is the ease with which we can recycle. In Chicago, we were fortunate enough to live in a ward that had "blue bins" that you filled with everything you could think to recycle (except styrofoam) and the city sent a truck around when they felt like it, though I think technically it was supposed to be once a week.

In Tilburg, we have a bin for paper and cardboard recycling that is picked up every 4 weeks at the curb. Every 4 weeks doesn't sound like much, but on average we don't produce nearly that much paper waste in a month (though we're still breaking down boxes from the move, we figure boxes out to the curb will end eventually). For the rest of the recyclables, every neighborhood has centrally located bins to deposit all plastic (inlcuding styrofoam!) and white/green/brown glass that the city picks up. It's easy, no thought about numbered plastic or other restrictions.

Little Man with a cart of recycling.

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