29 January 2013

Another Chance for Vacation!

"What? Weren't you gone for a month?"

Yes, we've only been back for a week officially, and we're already making plans to leave again. But not so dramatically as my "cleverly" devised post title would suggest.

Now that we feel pretty settled in Tilburg, what with pictures on the walls and everything, there's less things that require urgent attention. Since living in Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most North Americans, we plan to take advantage of seeing things and places that wouldn't be that easy/affordable if we were still in Chicago.

Mark is looking forward to an opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi in the UAE next month on business. He gets to take care of business, see some sights, and see a friend, all of which will be great!

Last night I finalized our travel and accommodations for a short trip to Dublin in March. We got to walk around the Dublin airport on our way to Chicago last month, and that was a huge tease for me with my hyper-excitement for Irish history and fairy tales and general love of Guinness. I decreed then and there in the terminal that we would be visiting officially in the spring. And now we are. So there, my decrees do have some sort of power.

Also in the works are the beginning plans for a trip to Paris or Versailles in the late spring, but the details on that are more like happy thoughts than actual details at this point. Again, sitting in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris was a bit of a tease when we were returning from the States. "Isn't it great that we got to see the airports for all these places you've always dreamed of seeing?" Mark said... Yes, it's been splendid, but I think we can do better. And we will. And we'll share our experiences. So it's all good.

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