03 December 2012

It's Beginning to Something Like Christmas

First, a quick note: No, it's not just you... You may have noticed that we have changed the name of the blog from "Living Dutch" to "Life in Dutch." This is just one of the changes we have in store to revamp the blog. To be honest, I was never fully satisfied with "Living Dutch" as the blog title, and after some thought, Life in Dutch felt more natural. Look for more to come - I have big, big plans! (Insert Disney villain laugh.) But seriously, I think that the changes to come will be worthwhile improvements, and we'll appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Now for your regularly, semi-scheduled blog post.......

It snowed this morning. This is our first "Dutch" snow, and it's pretty impressive (at least to us) because like England, snow isn't necessarily expected this early in the season. It was snowing pretty heavily this morning, and it looked like we were close to having enough snow to make the snowman that Little Man was insisting we needed to go build... like, right now... who cares if we're still in pajamas? By the time Poppa came home from work only a few patches of snow remained, but we were able to get out and make a few snowballs before it got too slushy.

Little Man and his snowball.

Over the weekend we got our Christmas decorations out and set up and we (Mama) started playing the Chieftan's Christmas CD. Little Man was more than happy to help, and decorated our little 0.5 meter tree all by himself, though Mama dictated which ornaments were approved.

We're certainly preparing for Christmas, but with all the hype about Sinterklaas coming we're also getting ready for Sinterklaas to leave a cadeautje (little gift) in the Little Man's shoe. Since we don't have a real wood stove or chimney for Sinterklaas to pop down, we made a "temporary" version and taped it to the wall. Little Man was generally happy with the result and even added his own paper stockings to the mantle in the American tradition. It really is beginning to look a bit like Christmas.

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