14 December 2012

IKEA Vrijdag: Kritter Kinderstoel/Children's Chair

Last week I reviewed the Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table for our weekly review. To make a matching set, this week we'll take a look at the Kritter Kinderstoel/Children's Chair.

Kritter Kinderstoelen/Children's chairs, in blue and white.

We purchased two chairs to go with the Little Man's table - one in blue and one in white. Like the the Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table, the chair is made of solid poplar and acrylic paint, and the back piece is made of thick plastic for easy molding of the cute little cat and dog shapes. Like the table, the chairs have held up well considering the abuse they have already taken. And the chairs have experienced more terror than the table - they've been knocked over, used as a jumping off point, as small tables, etc. Even the white chair has been cleaned of marker and other gook easily. However, partly because of moving the chairs around, we have noticed a few chips in the acrylic paint - and issue that we've noticed before.

The chairs came in five pieces plus hardware and the ubiquitous IKEA allen wrench. They were easy to put together even if you didn't look at the directions, Little Man was just about able to figure it out by himself while he was "helping" me put the chairs together. What I appreciated most about the construction of the chairs is that the legs come in two pieces - one front leg and one back leg together - so when you put the chair together, there is no figuring out how to avoid the "wobble" issue. Using the allen wrench, we managed to put both chairs together in 20 minutes (this time includes the child helping time).

Since the chairs are so durable and were so easy to put together, our Life in Dutch rating is 4.5 Swedish meatballs on a 5 meatball scale. The chairs lose a half meatball because of the acrylic paint chipping issues.

Life in Dutch Rating for Kritter Kinderstoel/Children's Chair:


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