07 December 2012

IKEA Vrijdag: Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table

IKEA Vrijdag is back! After a brief hiatus from Thanksgiving and a Little Man with a touch of bronchitis, we're back with another installment of our IKEA reviews.

The Little Man's bedroom is much bigger than we anticipated it would be - and significantly bigger than his room in Chicago. To fill some of the void in his room we wanted to pick up a small table and chair set for playtime, and since we bought everything else from IKEA, why not a kid's table as well?

The Kritter Series is one of IKEA's children's series that's relatively stable and bright and colorful, with products available in red, blue, yellow, white, or black, though not all products are available in all colors. We purchased the Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table in red and two Kinderstoel/Children's chairs in blue and white (though this review focuses on the table).

The Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table was generally easy to put together. As with all IKEA products, it came with allen wrench and screwdriver needed to put the product together. However, this is one of the IKEA items that while it is possible to use the tools provided, you will find much less frustration using a power drill. The effort needed to keep holding everything in place while fiddling with the IKEA tools is enough to drive you crazy - but holding everything in place for a few seconds while the drill does all the work is much easier. We didn't even attempt to use the IKEA tools to put this table together with the provided tools - after starting to arrange the pieces it was evident that the tools were not going to cut it.

The table is made of poplar wood and coated with acrylic paint. Despite the ease with which acrylic paint will chip, this table is surprisingly still in tact, and it's already been abused as only a 3 year old can abuse a table. Either IKEA was better about a protective coating (see my comments on acrylic paint on the Trollsta), or this table has been lucky. One of my continuing issues with legged items from IKEA is the wobble when you don't have everything tightened "just so." The Kritter table was one of the few items that did not have this problem - the legs went on and stood firm, even after having a 3 year old dance on top of the table (again, abuse as only a 3 year old can manage). Though the dirt damage has been minimal at this point (mostly washable markers and a little bit of food), the table has been easy to clean with just a damp washcloth. I did manage to leave a ring on the table from a mug, but I can't tell if that is just the staining ability of tea or if there was damage from the heat of the mug.

Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table in red

As a parent, I'm happy with the table. Little Man's been enjoying having a little table of his own, and likes the view of the garden that he gets by sitting at the table. For the way it's already held up to the element that is Little Man, I rate it highly, but because of the difficulty we would have had putting it together with the provided tools, it earns a solid 4 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale.

Life In Dutch Rating for Kritter Kindertafel/Children's Table:

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