12 December 2012

A Little Taste of America with all European Flair

I don't usually post much about food - mostly because as soon as my plate is put down in front of me I inhale everything before I can think to take a picture or even look to make sure I received what I ordered. However, today I managed to restrain myself like an adult and take photos and think about what I was eating.

Little Man and I were out doing a bit of Christmas shopping this morning, though before we could even begin, the hungry horrors hit the Little Man. Since our cabinets are getting a little bear as we only buy essentials before our trip back to the States for Christmas, I had no snack food on me like I usually do. Since a cup of milk wasn't going to cut it for my little friend, I decided that we would have a special treat and get a snack out. I took a different route to the main shopping strip in the city center and right as I turned the corner I saw something beautiful... a small cafe with indoor seating, enough room to get a stroller inside AND a name that suggested it would unnecessary to convince the Little Man to eat.

The cafe is called "Bagels & Beans," a very American-sounding cafe name with the promise of a very familiar menu.

We took a chance and it was worth it!

Because it's a European cafe, you walk in, pick your table, and a staff member comes up to take your order. We ordered a very simple "Bagel Breakfast" which comes with a bagel, cream cheese, jelly, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a choice of coffee or tea (I went for the tea). It was simple and delicious, and Little Man was happy, too. Even he who professes to dislike a cup of OJ thought fresh squeezed was the way to go.

Mmmm... bagel.

As it turned out, today was the opening day for the cafe. Since they were celebrating their opening, they were handing out samples of Anise Milk - little cups of warm, frothy milk flavored with a star anise seed. It was delicious and definitely not something I would have thought of on my own.

Anise milk - frothy and delicious

So, not bad for taking a chance on something that I thought might be quick and easy (it was!) and child-friendly too. I think we'll be making some more visits in the future.

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