03 November 2012

Indoor Safari Park Part II

We have had many plans for the Little Man's birthday. Some of the plans were forgotten, some of them were just plane bad, and some of them experienced weather.
It was originally the plan to go to the local safari park (see here). This park has a number of things the Little Man likes and is thus perfect for his birthday. We have watched the weather for a few weeks now and it looked like this weekend would have reasonable weather for our safari park adventure. When we woke up this (Saturday) morning the forecast predicted rain for the next day. When we left the house an hour or two later the "forecast" predicted rain for the rest of Saturday and much of Sunday. We abandoned our safari park adventure for the time being.

Once safely back inside the house (to be clear, we never left the yard), we went right to work building our own safari park. Momma and Little Man made the signs for the park and Poppa went to work constructing the primary exhibit hall (i.e., a bed tent). We organized the animals into their own sections of the park and put up signs. There were sections for Nemo fish, polar bears, armadillos, horses, and kangaroos.

A safari park was born!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you had fun despite the weather! How cute! Happy Birthday to Malachi! Did the gift we gave you for him end up in Tilberg?


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