16 November 2012

IKEA Vrijdag: Urban Juniorstoel/Junior chair

IKEA Vrijdag and another review! This week we look at the Urban Juniorstoel/Junior chair.

When we moved, we didn't take the Little Man's high chair figuring that even though it was a staged chair with a "booster option" he was already starting to outgrow it and it wasn't worth adding the weight to the shipping container. But, being a Little Man, he still isn't quite big enough for a regular kitchen chair during meals or projects at the table. Enter: the Urban Juniorstoel!

This IKEA children's item is fantastic. It puts the Little Man up close enough to the table (at least an IKEA table) that he's able to eat/craft comfortably but far enough from the ground that he isn't as readily distracted by the fact that he can get up and down easily on his own. It's made from a reinforced polypropylene and the back legs are angled backward, so it's sturdy (can hold an adult's weight); it's easy to wash down (it should be mentioned that right before this picture was taken, an extreme cleaning took place after a mishap - AKA Little Man - with a window crayon, and the chair is fine); but it's also very light (less than 4 kg) and easy for even the Little Man to move to the sink. It's available in a light lime green or white, but we went with the green since kids generally prefer colors and it already looks like a small rainbow exploded in our kitchen.

Little Man in his Urban chair, crafting

For us, this purchase made sense on several practical levels: we have a kid, it's considered "his" chair, it's low maintenance for cleaning, and lets us station the Little Man as close as possible to the sink without tripping over one of the full sized kitchen chairs. Throw in the fact that there are no moving parts and no assembly required and this cute little chair earns a full 5 Swedish meatballs on our rating scale.

Living Dutch Rating for Urban Juniorstoel:

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