09 November 2012

IKEA Vrijdag: Trollsta Tafeltje (Side Table)

It's IKEA Vrijdag! Today's edition is brought to you by the Trollsta tafeltje (side table).

The Trollsta series is fun if only because it provides just a smidgen of understated flair to your minimalist, straight lined, Swedish furniture. The legs on this series are beautifully curved and give your eye a little something extra to look at without putting on airs. The legs on this series are simple and sophisticated, and they know it, but they don't make a big deal of being generally better dressed than you are. All three pieces of the series come in deep purple or white. As a note, I planned to link to the US IKEA website, but couldn't find the series - I don't know that this series is currently available in the US or Canada. It might be a "coming soon" series, or stuck on several container ships waiting to cross the Atlantic and/or clear customs - or our North American readers are just plain out of luck.

We purchased two Trollsta tafeltjes (side tables) in white for our living room. We have a red/white/not quite navy color scheme in the living room, and these added a little of said flair without going nuts. In general, the tables are  functional - they are tables after all - and have the added bonus of a shelf/cubby hole underneath. While the shelf isn't exactly good for quickly hiding crap if you have someone stopping over, it does provide a way to keep a neat pile out of the way of your guests. The tabletop/cubby hole of the table is particleboard, acrylic paint and some sort of protective coating, so they are nice and shiny and wipe down easily - an important factor when living with a small child or an adult with gross motor skills tuned to the same level as a small child. But, being particleboard and acrylic paint, the surface can chip easily (I put a small ding in the top of one while putting it together). The legs are made of aluminum and are surprisingly durable. The paint hasn't yet chipped despite my best attempts while vacuuming.

Trollsta tafeltje in white. Note cubby hole,  currently storing some of Little Man's devoted army of paper animal dolls.

The tables went together easily enough. The tabletop/cubby hole was simple to put together, and unlike some IKEA furniture items, it was easy to tell which piece was which and what side was supposed to face in each direction. If screwed together correctly, the tables are pretty stable, but the trick is to do it correctly. I spent entirely too much time (or better read as "nearly had an obsessive breakdown in the attempt of") fine-tuning the amount of pressure on each leg with the tiny IKEA allen wrench to make sure the table wasn't going to have any wobble to it. Eventually, I won the battle of the anti-wobble, but I did spend nearly 20 of the 25 minutes it took to put one table together on the legs (as I said, entirely too much time). Multiply this by two and you do feel a small ball of crazy welling up in the pit of your stomach by the time you are done. Bonus point for IKEA, the bottom of the legs are triangular but included with the hardware for each table are furniture pads specifically sized and shaped for the Trollsta tafeltje. The pads are appreciated since I am the type of person who would consider trying to cut the appropriate size out of a larger pad.

We give the Trollsta tafeltje a solid 4 Swedish meatballs out of 5 on our rating scale. Initially, I would rank this at 3.75 meatballs for the 40 minutes of my life lost to the pursuit of anti-wobble, but the custom furniture pads saved it at 4. It is a cute addition to a living room or as a bed side table and recommended if/when available at your closest IKEA.

Living Dutch Rating for Trollsta Tafeltje (Side Table):

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