18 November 2012

[Bier]: Grolsch Premium Pilsner

Some of you may have been reading the past few posts in our Bier section and thinking to yourself, "I'd really like to visit the Netherlands, but their beer seems to have too much flavor and color. I'd really prefer something more like home." If so, don't fret!

Grolsch is one of the Netherlands three biggest breweries and you can find yourself a nice bottle of Grolsch bier nearly anywhere. They brew a few different types of beers. This beer is a "Premium Pilsner," though it is difficult to know why they believe it is premium. This may be an issue of comparison. If we compare Grolsch Premium Pilsner to other world famous pilsner-like beer, like Miller Lite and Budweiser, Grolsch comes out ahead. However, if we compare Grolsch Premium Pilsner to other pilsners that are actually good, Grolsch comes out way behind.

I know that some of you are already excited to try this brand of beer. You are in luck! Grolsch products, including the Premium Pilsner, are owned and distributed by SABMiller, a company whose sole purpose is to distribute sub-par beers around the world.*

*Interesting side note: We've noticed that beers that we have had in the U.S. that are also sold here taste different here (and typically better).

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