05 August 2012

The Journey and New Home

We're finally up and running with the internet in our home and have tackled more e-mails than I care to think about in my inbox. Poppa was able to access the internet at the library and at the university and has posted a couple of things since (check out his new fancy office!). Some basic info our about our journey and home are below, more info about what we've been up to since we landed to come!

The Flights:
We flew out of Boston on Icelandair late at night on Wednesday, July 27th. Little Man was so impressed with the individual TV screens on each seat that he didn't actually sleep much on the 5 hour flight to Reykjavik - maybe a little over an hour total. Luckily, while we were flying towards the dawn our Circadian rhythms kicked in and Little Man was good for the layover at Reykjavik and the 3 hour flight to Amsterdam (again, fancy individual TV screens entertained with Bob the Builder and Pingu - things he doesn't normally watch in the States). We paid about 1100 kroners for a .5 liter Coke, a coffee and 2 milk boxes which was a little weird, but it turns out that it was only about $9 USD, which makes sense for an airport purchase.

In Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, we found all 6 pieces of our luggage (all hovering just below the 23kg/50lbs weight limit), our stroller, and both cats (glued to the very back of their carriers) in a very short period of time - and then we were waived through by customs - no passport check or check of the cats' travel papers - entirely easier than we could have hoped for.

The relocation company was right on the other side of customs to greet us and took us right to a cab for the hour and a half ride to Tilburg. Aside from Mama accidentally letting Zappa's carrier fall about 4 feet off of a luggage cart, all went smoothly.

The Home:
The relocation company had done some basic food shopping for us and had some temporary beds ready for us at our new home. We met the owner and signed the rental contract before Mama was shown around the neighborhood briefly to see the local market and small shopping centers. Little Man, Poppa and cats stayed at home to relax.

The home is bigger than our apartment in Chicago. We have 3 floors, a huge living room and kitchen open room, 2 large bedrooms on the second floor, and a bedroom on the third floor that we will use as an office. Right now the owner's furniture is in the bedroom on the 3rd floor but a temporary wall is to be built, creating a crawl-space type area (the ceiling is slanted, so the space isn't really usable anyways). Now that the living room and kitchen are furnished after a trip to Ikea, pictures will be posted soon.

Mama and Poppa's bed has arrived and been assembled, now we are just waiting on the wardrobe to be delivered. Little Man's bed is expected to arrive in about 2 weeks, and our "stuff" from the States is expected around the 20th. Slowly but surely we'll be settled in.

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  1. Glad you guys made it safe and sound.


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