07 August 2012

Our Main Living Space: The Unfinished IKEA Photo Shoot

The Main Living Space:
Now that we've finished setting up our furniture on our main floor, attached is the photo album of our living room and kitchen. All of the furniture is from IKEA (someone actually made a comment to Mark the other day that if IKEA went out of business, Dutch homes would be empty) and it all looks new and shiny... but it looks like an unfinished ad  at the moment since our bookshelves are empty, we haven't bought a TV/radio/record player yet, and none of our pictures have arrived to put on the walls. BUT once everything arrives it will look like someone actually lives here - or a really awesome IKEA ad.
Living Room & Kitchen

The Garden:
Little Man loves the garden. It's big enough that he can burn off as much energy as he needs to but small enough that he can have the run of it without getting lost or hiding. And caring for it isn't too daunting for someone that once managed to kill a cactus.

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  1. I love that kitchen table - the drawers there must be handy!


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