19 August 2012


We have never seen a screen on a window in the Netherlands, including the windows in our house. On most days this is not a problem because the climate is very temprate. However, today the high is 36 degrees C. For those of you keeping track at home, that is about 97 degrees F* and very easily the hottest it has been since we have arrived (but cooler than the entire week before we left Chicago).

When it is warm we need to open the windoes. Just as there are no screens in the Netherlands, there also isn't air conditioning. This, again, is fine 98% of the time.

When we have open windows the cats have a freedom they have never had before. Apparently, cats in the Netherlands typically are a combination of indoors and outdoors, whereas our cats are a combination of indoors and scared out of their minds.

The pictures below are from Sebastian's brief tentative escape this afternoon.

*The precise conversion from C to F is F = C*1.8 + 32 (for example: 36*1.8 + 32 = 64.8 + 32 = 96.8). Because no one likes to multiply anything by 1.8, a quick and easy "close enough" calculation is F = C*2 + 32 (36*2 + 32 = 72 + 32 = 104).

You'll notice that with this equation you overestimate the F temperature (though it is still clear that it is hot out!). To give yourself a rough sense of the degree you are overestimating the degrees just figure you are overestimating the F by 1 degree for every 5 degrees C. Because the high today is 36 C we know that we are overestimating F by about 7 degrees (36 / 5 = 7.2). The implication of this is that the "close enough" calculation is more accurate for lower temperatures.

And thus ends today's lesson.

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