15 August 2012

Officially Legal

Yesterday, we picked up our residency cards. We are now completely "legal" as immigrants - and we can now leave the country without causing any kind of international incident or getting deported. We are still waiting on our BSN - the Dutch version of a Social Security number. We found out what are numbers are at the Expat Centre when we picked up our residency cards, but haven't received them in the post yet.

We have most of our furniture now. The Little Man's bed is expected next week (another episode in furniture building to come!). Our stuff shipped from the States is expected to come into port about the same time. There are several steps that we'll need to take to get it out of port/customs, but we're hoping it goes smoothly, especially because Little Man keeps asking to play with things and is disappointed that they're "on the boat." On the bright side, all of those toys he hasn't seen in 7 weeks will be like brand new toys when they arrive.

We still have some big purchases to make for home. At the top of the list is a washing machine. Initially, we had planned to purchase the home owner's machine, but for several reasons we didn't and the machine was removed yesterday. We're also making plans for buying our own bicycles (the owner's been allowing us to use the 2 that are being stored in the shed), a TV, an all-region DVD player (so we can actually play the DVDs we brought from the States), a stereo, a record player, a coffee maker, and some less glamorous items like a voltage converter for the printer and sewing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a towel rack, and hedge clippers. We plan to do as long as we can without buying a car since everything is within biking distance or easily reached by train/bus.

Soon enough we can feel like we've been "established" here.


  1. Yeah! Glad all is coming together as planned. How does Mark live without a coffee pot?

    1. The instant coffee isn't so bad. We'll have a coffee pot soon enough.


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